Unleash the full potential of
your new equipment

Transparency and efficiency are essential when it comes to installing new printing devices. Regardless of the procedure, the goal is to limit the impact of change on your business productivity of your business. Our team supports you at every stage in order to ensure a smooth transition. Long-term support is maintained in order to provide advice on the best business practices day after day.


Organizing and preparing for the installation

  • Device is powered up and prepared in our workshop
  • Preconfiguration of the device in the warehouse to limit the installation time at the customer’s location
  • Installation planned according to the technical needs and the physical and operational characteristics of your company


Hassle-free delivery and setup

  • Delivery according to your operational needs
  • Installation and configuration of print drivers according to your requirements
  • Verification that devices are functioning according to the requested specifications


Information on the equipment’s full potential

  • Targeted training based on users' needs
  • Training of resource staff at the client’s location
  • Additional training available if needed


Long-term support

  • Reliable and efficient technical support
  • Periodic performance reports for your printing devices
  • Continuous advice and optimization according to your operational needs

Consultative approach

Start your digital transition with the proper support

With effective document management, it is now possible for companies to optimize their workflow. See how our team can offer you customized support throughout your digital transition in order to generate results.

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Take control of your document management! We can give you access to the best business practices to improve your productivity, control your costs, protect your documents and reduce your environmental impact.

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Products and solutions

A full range of products and solutions that work in synergy


State-of-the-art printing equipment that will efficiently and affordably meet your needs. From office environments to production environments, we have the product you need.

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print services (MPS)

Add innovative software to your printing equipment in order to manage your printing fleet more efficiently and get the best return on investment.

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Electronic document
management (EDM)

These solutions allow for digital support of the entire document life cycle. We can provide your company a simple and efficient digital environment that will enable you to considerably increase your productivity.

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Our partners

Groupe CT offers unmatched flexibility and strength to both SMEs and multinationals. Our position as the largest multi-brand independent retailer in Canada has allowed us to build strong partnerships with the major manufacturers in the industry.