Archiving and process automation

You can now automate different business processes, from document creation to archiving. Employees can then focus on their work while our software and solutions keep track of tasks. Archiving is the longest stage in the document life cycle. A true digital archiving solution will ensure that your documents have probative and legal value, while ensuring that they are kept and protected over time. You will benefit from increased efficiency and consistent and optimal results.



Therefore™ is an enterprise-grade information management system suited for managing any type of information. Paper and electronic documents—including e-mails, spool files, images, and even videos—can be stored, shared, and processed in a secure, user-friendly manner.

Therefore™ allows you to capture, organize, and access all your content and business-critical information. In addition, it offers business analytics tools to enable even better oversight of your business processes!

Electronic forms


The concept for form functionality arose from several different market needs. In essence, Forms can provide a way to get validated data into Therefore™ to take advantage of its information workflow and analytics tools. For example, hosted Forms can automate the collection and saving of external data into Therefore™, without any additional input. By designing highly customized forms directly in Therefore™, administrators save time by not needing to configure other tools for passing form data to the archive. Users benefit from more efficient data input, and simple mobile data entry is guaranteed.

Electronic signature


Documents saved in Therefore™ can be sent for signing using a DocuSign® account either manually from the Therefore™ Viewer or automatically during a workflow process. The entire legal signing process is then handled by DocuSign®. Once completed, documents can be manually or automatically retrieved and saved back to Therefore™.

Integration with Microsoft Power BI


Power BI is a data gathering and analysis platform created by Microsoft that provides rich, dynamic visualizations of gathered data and a modern, reactive user interface. With Power BI, users can create an analytic dashboard, allowing them to intuitively adjust reports on the fly and structure their data in ways that make sense to them. Managers can make the most of their information from a single view of real-time data in the Therefore™ system. Mobile access through the Power BI app means users can take their data with them and never be left in the dark.

A successful transition to EDM

Electronic document management can be a challenge for employees that are not familiar with the technology. Groupe CT gives your team the support necessary for a smooth transition to an efficient digital environment.


Preparing for the transition

  • Identification of installation requirements
  • Support for infrastructure updates, if necessary
  • Establishment of configuration plan according to organizational objectives
  • Communication of the benefits of the change to users


Gradual implementation

  • Installation and configuration of the main aspect of the solution into network infrastructure
  • Progressive configuration of processes in order to test and make improvements as needed
  • Targeted and progressive efforts to change habits when tests are successful


Providing effective support to users

  • Training of resource staff (power users) in companies according to different technical and operational needs
  • Targeted training of users according to type of use
  • Additional training as required and ongoing training plan


Evolving with your business

  • Continued technical support to help advance the solution
  • Measurement of performance results in order to determine productivity gains and cost savings
  • Continued support in order to communicate new trends and technologies that could improve your digital environment

Consultative approach

Start your digital transition with the proper support

With effective document management, it is now possible for companies to optimize their workflow. See how our team can offer you customized support throughout your digital transition in order to generate results.

Take action

Take control of your document management! We can give you access to the best business practices to improve your productivity, control your costs, protect your documents and reduce your environmental impact.

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Add innovative software to your printing equipment in order to manage your printing fleet more efficiently and get the best return on investment.

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These solutions allow for digital support of the entire document life cycle. We can provide your company a simple and efficient digital environment that will enable you to considerably increase your productivity.

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