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Cartridge advice

July 30 2019

What are the criteria to watch when shopping for your multifunctional printer?

Our top 10 tips to make your work environment more eco-friendly

July 23 2019

Opting for a greener work environment allows you to reduce your environmental footprint at the office and position your business as a responsible corporate citizen – an increasingly important criterion among consumers.

How to save nearly 2 hours a day at work

June 11 2019

Digitizing a document is not complicated, and your business probably has the equipment to “dematerialize” all your paper files. But scanning and converting your documents to PDF is just the beginning of digitization.


April 30 2019

Located at 3250 Lapinière Boulevard in Brossard, the new service point will be the company’s fifth, in addition to those in Laval, Quebec City, Toronto and Saint-Georges de Beauce. Groupe CT’s headquarters will remain in Laval.

6 questions clients forget to ask before purchasing a photocopier

April 04 2019

The task of shopping for a new photocopier is rarely seen as an exciting project. Often seen as a mere commodity, the photocopier has to cost as little as possible. At least, that’s an attitude we’ve frequently witnessed.

A new partner joins Groupe CT

November 28 2018

Groupe CT is pleased to announce the arrival of a new Partner, Mr. Stéphane Guérin, CPA, CA. As Executive Vice President, Operations, he will be responsible for leading all activities related to Product Support & Customer Care, Operations, Finance and Administration for the company's branch network in Québec and Ontario.

The Profitable Art of Streamlining Cost Recovery

November 06 2018

Is your service company among those that don’t charge their printing costs back to their clients? This practice is central and legitimate for professional services companies such as architecture, law and accounting firms, engineers, real estate brokers and advertising agencies.

Boost your HR department’s efficiency with EDM and process automation

October 16 2018

Human resource professionals spend hours every week searching for information through a ton of files and creating documents with long life cycles. The onboarding process alone involves a dizzying number of documents to be gathered together, filled in, signed, sent and filed.

Digital transformation of accounts payable

August 29 2018

Digital transformation is critical to the success of today’s companies. Integrating technology into operations is no longer an option for those seeking to gain a competitive advantage in the 4.0 industry. Several areas of business are already well advanced in their digital transformation, particularly human resources, operations and marketing. However, many companies are slow in improving their accounts payable processes, which have a tremendous optimization potential. 

Understanding the legal value of your electronic documents and how to profit from them

June 11 2018

A paperless work environment helps to save time, money and space. As society adopts digital technologies, electronic communications are increasingly becoming the standard in business. But do digital documents have the same legal value as paper documents?